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JUMBORAX is an engineering components manufacturing company of finished steel castings and welded parts for mining machinery, cement machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, hydraulic machinery and other segments.

JUMBORAX is an OEM/ODM service & manufacture plan solution provider, all the products we displayed are samples just helping us to show our production capabilities. All the designs belong to our customers that we can not sell the products to others. If you wish to make your products, please Contact Our Customer Service with your ideas or drawings for further cooperation. Thank you very much.

Welcome to Maynard Steel Casting

Maynard Steel Foundry has been manufacturing steel castings since 1913 and can handle sizes from 25 pounds to over 65000 pounds,. Call 414-385-6500 for a quotation on your parts.

Our History | PACCAR

The Company entered the heavy-duty truck market in 1945 with its first major acquisition, Kenworth Motor Truck Company of Seattle. Pacific Car and Foundry greatly expanded its heavy-duty truck capability with the purchase of Peterbilt Motors Company in 1958.

Industries Served - Willman Industries

Willman Industries serves a variety of industries through its ABS Certified austempered ductile iron foundry and green sand foundry, producing industrial castings including maritime shipping, mining, oil, Agriculture, machine tool, transmissions, railroad, power generation, and more!

Industrial Metal Castings Capabilities - Willman Industries

Over the years, Willman Industries Inc. has continued to invest in expansion, better equipment and physical resources in an effort to expand capabilities, increase productivity and to meet the unique needs of our customers. The following is a list of just some of the capabilities at Willman Ind.

Semiconductor and MEMS Fabrication | Semefab

This has to be a global team effort by all of us in all countries. We can all contribute to that effort - each as we are able. All of us at Semefab are proud to be part of that global team effort to save lives … we’ve moved to 24/7 working to meet the demand…" Allan James, Managing Director …"This is an instance of leading by example ...

Process ~ Effort Foundry

Effort makes the most of the sand casting process, using Phenolic Urethane binders for all sand molding and core making, as well as our impeller core-specific cryogenic ceramic process. In addition, our 3D modeling software is a key part of our casting design.

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For the developer, Cloud Foundry provides a fast “on rails” development and deployment experience. For the operator, it reduces operational effort through providing built-in capabilities and integration points for key enterprise concerns such as user management, security, and self-healing. Now you understand the nature of Cloud Foundry.

Harrison Steel | Capabilities

At Harrison Steel, our management philosophy revolves around excellence in products, service and support.We operate a state-of-the-art, technology-driven engineering and manufacturing facility based in Attica, IN. Our U.S. plant encompasses 650,568 square feet under roof and is capable of castings ranging from 350 to 12,500 pounds (net casting weight).

ABF Capabilities All pdf - Agile BioFoundry

The ABF houses the filamentous fungal and non‐model yeast synthetic biology capability unique within the government laboratories. This effort also comprises integrated fungal genetic tool and medium scale (15‐120L) bioprocess development capability.

Keokuk Steel Castings

These capabilities, combined with our rigorous quality systems, serve our domestic and international customers’ steel castings needs in many industries. We are a steel foundry that can pour over 100 grades of steel, size range of one lb. to 3500 lbs. We are qualified to Mil-A- 11356 Armor up to 2.25″.

Effort Foundry ~ It takes Effort to make quality steel ...

Effort Foundry is a supplier of high-integrity steel castings for the pump, valve, nuclear, power generation, and military industries, as well as other general manufacturing applications. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed quality , customer service, and on-time delivery, as evidenced by our customer retention rate.

Quality Gray & Ductile Iron Castings ... - Seneca Foundry

Seneca Foundry is a 100+-year-old family-owned manufacturer for gray and ductile iron. We started in Webster City and remain here in our modern-day 35,000 square foot building. Seneca Foundry is the place for you to build a challenging & rewarding career. Visit Our Career CenteR

Atlas Foundry benefits

Atlas Foundry customers can: Have parts made that range in weight from ½ to 50 lbs., in Gray Iron Classes 25, 30, and 35, at Atlas Foundry's main plant, providing the customer with a wide range of materials and weight options to satisfy their requirements, saving the time and effort required to manage multiple vendor relationships.

Kamen's ARMI awarded $51M over 5 years for 'Foundry for ...

Under the partnership agreement announced today, DEKA also will offer its rapid prototyping capabilities to foundry projects. The Foundry’s first project will focus on maturing and validating small, portable, automated devices that could be transported easily to disaster locations to make necessary medicines on-site. ... This effort is ...

Capabilities ~ Effort Foundry

Other services available include rough- and final machining, passivation, painting, radiography, electroplating, and electropolishing. Together with our in-house capabilities, these services — provided by ISO 9001-approved vendors — make Effort Foundry a true single-source supplier.

Green Sand Foundry | Willman Industries

Willman Industries’ green sand molding offers the distinct advantage of using green sand for larger casting production that many foundries need to run one-at-a-time. We are able to produce larger castings efficiently, in green sand on our molding machine while maintaining high quality standards.

Industries ~ Effort Foundry

Effort’s cast valve components are ideal for precision and industrial pump valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and all manner of flow control hardware. Nuclear Our experience with low-alloy, carbon, and stainless steel as part of our engineered fabrication, castings, and core production make us an excellent choice for a range of nuclear ...

About Us | Visionaire Lighting, LLC.

CNC Capabilities. 2003. ... investment in factory expansion adding additional building space to the factory and initiating Die Casting in its foundry to support its commitment to LED product production. The footprint in the factory grows to 300,000 sq. ft. in this effort. Shortly thereafter, Visionaire introduced its two new lines of LED ...

About - Tankcraft Corporation

Founded in 1986, Tankcraft offers over 34 years of experience in the metal fabrication business. Our success in manufacturing fuel tanks, hydraulic reservoirs and fabricated accessories is the result of experience, commitment to quality, and a highly motivated employee family. Craftsmanship in welding and fabrication is our most valuable asset. Each employee knows their job […]

Current Events ~ Effort Foundry

Effort Foundry hosted its 5th Customer Appreciation Day. More than 50 customers attended the event, which started with an early continental breakfast. The day continued with a 2.5-hour foundry school, led by Vice President of Quality Robert Cheskey, Vice President of Engineering Ed Yandrisevits, and President William Easterly.

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Jul 02, 2020· The project has 170 code contributors. EdgeX Foundry just completed its sixth release (Geneva), and in just twelve months since the first official ‘ready for primetime’ V1 release back in June 2019, has achieved millions of container downloads world-wide. The EdgeX Foundry project goes is strong with huge momentum behind its V1 Release.

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Foundry sales leaders by year. Pure-play semiconductor foundry is a company that does not offer a significant amount of IC products of its own design, but instead operates semiconductor fabrication plants focused on producing ICs for other companies. [citation needed]Integrated device manufacturer (IDM) semiconductor foundry is where companies such as Texas Instruments, IBM, and Samsung join ...

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Oct 20, 2020· Welcome to the premier industrial source for Stainless Steel Castings in Pennsylvania - Eastern. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Castings, as well as a variety of related products and services. provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results.

Machining ~ Effort Foundry

The latest additions to the Effort Foundry facility lineup include a number of enhancements to our machining capabilities. Effort’s machining operations are fully ISO certified, and we continue to invest in new technologies to offer our customers rough and finish machining services of castings, patterns, and pattern components.

Willman Industries is Simply the Best Foundry Today for ...

Willman Industries high-performance, high-integrity castings are found in the finest products of many of the most demanding and respected companies in the world. Willman Industries has grown to be many foundries under one roof. Learn more about our many foundry capabilities!

Metalcasting Growth Strategies II: How Foundries Make ...

Understanding the competitive dynamics of an industry is a critical part of any growth strategy effort. The metalcasting industry can be analyzed from an overall strategic perspective using the well-known "Porter's 5 Forces" as a useful starting point. ... service capabilities, and a foundry's cost of switching, to name a few factors. Even more ...

The Foundry's Way Forward | Modern Machine Shop

At Effort Foundry, a mistake in this machine shop might mean that the investment the foundry had already made in producing this part could be wasted. Effort’s expansion exemplifies one of the most heartening aspects of the recovery and growth of U.S. manufacturing in recent years. That is: new machine shops are opening.

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Feb 10, 2020· Project Eirini is the effort to allow Cloud Foundry clusters to use Kubernetes within their architecture, and to eventually (still in progress) replace the Diego code-base. So many other changes and extension projects have been created by the community over the last five years that it’s hard to …

About Us - Acme Foundry, Inc.

Over the years, Dick would bring many Tatman family members to work at Acme Foundry. There are currently nine Tatmans working or serving on the board of directors at Acme Foundry. In 1988, the Magic Circle Machine Shop, founded in 1951 by Jim and Ruth Miller, merged with Acme giving the foundry complete machining and tooling capabilities.


The year one iFAB effort was organized into the following technical areas: (FCT) Foundry Configuration Tools: a set of tools that enable the initial design and rapid reconfiguration of foundry capability based on an objective system design and possible excursions from that system design