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JUMBORAX is an engineering components manufacturing company of finished steel castings and welded parts for mining machinery, cement machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, hydraulic machinery and other segments.

JUMBORAX is an OEM/ODM service & manufacture plan solution provider, all the products we displayed are samples just helping us to show our production capabilities. All the designs belong to our customers that we can not sell the products to others. If you wish to make your products, please Contact Our Customer Service with your ideas or drawings for further cooperation. Thank you very much.

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CE PROTEC was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of refractory products for high-temperature applications. We produce mastics, coatings and modules at our location in Langenfeld – tailored to our customers’ requirements. Our product range also encompasses all common high-temperature insulation products such as blankets, papers, boards and bricks.

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Specialised in refractory products for the glass, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, calcination (cement works, lime furnaces), incineration, chemical and petrochemical industries. Wide range of bricks, monolithic and preshaped products based on silica, silico-alumina, bauxite, andalusite, alumina, zircon and silicon carbide.

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Refractory repairs with Insulmould® During the years, refractories can crack or spall for a variety of reasons, such as volume changes, expansions or even due to operational factors. For these type of general refractory repairs, the Insulcon Group developed a complete range of Insulmould® mouldables; a versatile product.


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Refractory products used in the non-ferrous industry as follows:. Fused rebonded magnesia chrome bricks, fused semi-rebonded magnesia chrome bricks; …

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We produce the refractory materials for industry of cement, iron&steel , glass, non-ferrous metal and others. Company facility Our company has three production lines for dense refractory bricks, 15 hydraulic press and one physical and chemical inspection center.

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Induction melting and holding, high tonnage cupolas, transfer and treatment products for iron, steel, and non-ferrous foundry operations. URC refractory products withstand unique process demands. Read More. PETROCHEMICAL REFRACTORY PRODUCTS Rugged refractory products for each stage of fluidized catalytic cracking in petrochemical manufacturing. ...

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THERMOSEAL® Refractory Moldables are high-temperature resistant mixes designed for use as molten non-ferrous trough linings, furnace lining repair and patching, and fireplace applications. Available in both high density and low density formulas, THERMOSEAL® Refractory Moldables can be formed into shapes, pushed into cracks and holes, or ...

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ZIBO JUCOS CO.,Ltd, was created in 2008 with combination of global expertise and local knowledge, aim to supplying range of refractory products, services and solutions to the global Iron, Steel, Non-Ferrous, Cement, Glass, Incinerator, Energy, Petrochemical and other Chemical Industries.

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Resco offers a variety of monolithic refractories to producers of non-ferrous metals. Ranging from high alumina castables for induction furnace to basic gun mixes and castables for maintenance of smelting furnaces. Resco Product non-ferrous metals representative acts as an extension of your team looking out for your best interest.

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Sillimanite Refractory Bricks & Blocks. Content of Al2O3 greather than 50 % or less than 60 %. Sillimanite refractories are widely used in glass, iron & steel, petrochemical, electrical, cement, and non-ferrous industries.

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Our comprehensive product and service program ranges from basic & high alumina & monolithic bricks and mixes, prefabricated components, repair systems and the installation of refractory products in a variety of units for the nonferrous metals industry around the world.

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Glass Ladder Tape has a unique structure making it ideal for use as an exterior layer over glass edges in stove, furnace and bakers ovens, as well as to insert fixing screws. Resistant to 550 o C / 1022 o F continuous working temperature. Available in White. Dimensions: 25 mm x 2 mm. Read more

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RS brand refractory products are widely used in metallurgy, power plant, chemical industry, glass industry, cement industry, non-ferrous metals industry, etc. In 2003, RS is authorized with independent import & export rights, from then on, RS band refractory materials export became to surge.

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Refractory Installation Services. Whether you need repairs to current facilities or are looking to establish a new plant, we have a qualified and industry experienced team of ceramic engineers, refractory supervisors, bricklayers, gunning crews, and carpenters who have specialized knowledge of all facets of refractory design and construction. Our belief is that the refractory management is a ...

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Refractory materials are used in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and reactors. Refractories are also used to make crucibles and moulds for casting glass and metals and for surfacing flame deflector systems for rocket launch structures. Today, the iron- and steel-industry and metal casting sectors use approximately 70% of all refractories produced.

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MMI’s unique colloidal silica bonded monolithic refractory products offer an alternative to traditional refractory technology used in the glass furnace. Metpump® brand products can be used in different applications for cold and hot repairs, in emergencies and for scheduled repair projects.

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This type of glass furnaces are generally used for daily usage by craftsmen in artcraft industry. After loading batch to the melting tank, it is heated to desired temperature and glass is melted in glass tank. Melted glass is used by cooling and forming for final products. Recuperator; Furnace Wall; Pot

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Zhengzhou Rosewool Insualtion Refractory Co., Ltd. is an independent comapny which follows the production and export of refractory and thermal insulation material dealing in Zheng Zhou China since 2000. Our products include calcium silicate board, ceramic fiber blanket/board, glass wool products, rock wool products, refractory cement, refractory brick for use in the industries including steel ...

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gunning repair products. Other potential uses of refractory SRM include alumina-silicate SRM as a bauxite replacement in secondary ladle treatment, and mag-carbon SRM used as a slag conditioner in EAF. In addition to providing SRM for refractory manufacture, spent refractories can become raw materials for powder coating applications, metallurgical

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Specialised in refractory products for the glass, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, calcination (cement works, lime furnaces), incineration, chemical and petrochemical industries. Wide range of bricks, monolithic and preshaped products based on silica, silico-alumina, bauxite, andalusite, alumina, zircon and silicon carbide.

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Refractory products processed by grinding machine can be used in thermal equipment such as coke oven, glass furnace, acidic steel-making furnace, alkaline steel-making furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace and cement kiln, and amorphous refractories such as filler, refractory ramming, refractory castable, refractory plastics, refractory clay, refractory spraying.

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CAP Industrial have many years of experience in using these refractory products, with a full understanding of their correct applications and specifications. The dedicated insulation department at CAP Industrial install and use these products every day, giving us the ability to offer our clients the best advice available.


The Scope of industries that use our products includes Steel, Cement, Iron, Aluminum, fertilizers, Ceramic, Sugar, Petrochemical, Power Station manufacturing plants and non-ferrous metal manufacturers. Nile Co. For Refractories’ customers are presented in all sectors of activity where refractory products, materials and services are used.

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Our products are best quality and we offer very competitive prices to our worldwide customers. We also provide furnace repair materials & services such as Fused Cast AZS Zac Mortar, Zircon Patch and Mullite Mortar, Fire Concrete, Hot Repair Mortars used in related industry. We also manufacture castables and mortars from 800°C to 1800°C.

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About us We supply refractory bricks and materials. Our company established in United Kingdom with the name of Halifax Refractory Limited to deal with import and export of refractory bricks, ceramic fiber insulation products, copper wire rods & cathodes, alloys & metals for many industries like glass, steel, cement, iron, foundries, ceramic, lime ovens, frit ovens...

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Nile Co. For Refractories & Mining is specialized in supplying and manufacturing Mineral, and Refractory Raw Materials and Products. The Scope of industries that use our products includes Steel, Cement, Iron, Aluminum, fertilizers, Ceramic, Sugar, Petrochemical, Power Station manufacturing plants and non-ferrous metal manufacturers. Read More

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About RHI Magnesita. RHI Magnesita is the result of the combination of RHI and Magnesita to form the global leading supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and services which are indispensable for industrial high-temperature processes exceeding 1,200°C in a wide range of industries, including steel, cement, non-ferrous metals, and glass, among others.

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Refractory Products The increasingly demanding production system means that our customers have less downtime, which requires continuous development of our products, more resistant products, with shorter drying curves, etc.

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Upon drying, Moldables create a smooth refractory lining and coating, non-wetting to molten non-ferrous metals. FC-Pumpable. Our Pumpables are water-based composites of ceramic fiber, organic polymers, inorganic binders, and other proprietary ingredients. Pumpables are used to repair any damaged or cracked refractory lining caused by shrinkage.