Bronze Age Craft (Bronze Sword Casting)

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BRONZE CRAFT MANUFACTURES CUSTOM ROOF ANCHOR CAPS Bronze Craft is proud to have been chosen by Slator USA, an industry leader in steep roof safety, to produce a Custom Casting for their cast bronze roof anchor cap & base used on the V-5 Permanent Anchor.. This innovative safety device allows “best practices” by every architect, builder, and roofer to consider the future …

Bronze Age Swords (Sword Finishing)

Sword Finishing: I have written this page to give a rough idea of what's involved in the finishing after casting. I put a lot of work into the swords and I am constantly increasing their quality and accuracy. I believe that my bronze swords are some of the most authentic reproductions of these ancient swords on the market today.

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Aug 30, 2017· However, the artisans of the Bronze Age used molds to create the entirety their blades. They made these molds from sandy clay, basing them on a real sword or a wooden model. Though no one has been able to exactly replicate the quality of these 3,000-year-old swords, they do achieve satisfactory results by mimicking the process and going through ...

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Sep 30, 2019· Bronze Age Tools . Ancient Sumer may have been the first civilization to start adding tin to copper to make bronze. Bronze was harder and more durable than copper, which made bronze a …

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Bronze swords rarely exceeded 800 grams, if it is over 1 kilo it is way to heavy "(it's a lemon"). Due to the difficulty of casting swords in sand, most foundries will cast on the heavy side, and although the end results would look good in a glass case, they bare no comparison to a genuine Bronze Age …

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The sword-making course includes all tools and materials, with expert guidance so that you can make your own fully finished, hilted and polished bronze leaf shaped sword. No experience is necessary, just the preparedness to work hard for a couple of days, to produce a thing of beauty from another age.

Bronze Age Craft (Casting Methods in Bronze Age Britain)

The largest stone moulds were for casting rapiers from the middle Bronze Age, and could have been the basis for the sword in the stone of Arthurian legend. Cores With the next major development in mould technology comes the ability to make castings with a hollow section like spears, socket axes and later bronze horns of the late Bronze Age.

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The process of casting bronze begins with the smelted copper and tin. Sometimes, these metals were found in the same region, but not often. The need for tin encouraged long-distance trade to ...

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First, it should be stated that there's a huge difference between casting a weapon and forging one. Back in the Bronze Age, before blacksmiths knew any better, they would take molten bronze and pour it into a stone cast to create a battle-ready weapon.This is casting. Bronze was made from mixing copper and …

How to cast a bronze sword

Casting a Late Bronge Age Sword by Jonathan Kerr . When casting a sword, the first thing I need is a mould. This would be carved out of stone, and be based on an example of a sword I already have. If I have no sword to hand, I would fashion a model from wood, …

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RECONSTRUCTING THE WARRIORS OF. THE BRONZE AGE What, still have time and money left? Okay, let's move back a few hundred years! The dates of the Bronze Age vary depending on the region, but in Greece and the Aegean we're talking roughly 3000 to 900 BC.

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Dec 01, 2018· Get $25 off your first order now at Before moving on to casting my own bronze weapons, I took some time to learn from a more experie...

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Meet Sword Casting Guy. Greg Wenderski is a tinkerer, metal artist, sword historian, and former science teacher from Austin, TX. He travels the country teaching two types of hands-on sword making classes that enable participants of all ages to explore themes of archaeology, metallurgy, and physics in the process of making a Bronze Age sword. His work has been featured on several episodes of ...

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Instead bronze or stone moulds were and are used. Dave has carved his own stone mould that he uses to cast his swords, and the sword used is a near perfect replica of a bronze age find in the Pitt-Rivers collection. The mould took him a couple of painstaking weeks to …

Sword Making & Bronze Casting Workshops | Bronze Age Foundry

The Bronze Age Foundry. For over 20 years The Bronze Age Foundry has been casting bronze and hosting workshops. Since 1995 they have been involved in various film, TV and radio productions such as the Time Team and R4 documentaries.

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One can assume that Greek and Roman bronze casting was perfected to produce stuff for the military and navy on an industrial scale. Even in the Byzantine period we know that hundreds of thousands of bronze arrows, spears, swords, armor and helmets could be produced fast and efficiently. Constantine's Bronze Statue in His Forum in Constantinople

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From an early time the swords reached lengths in excess of 100 cm. The technology to produce blades of such lengths appears to have been developed in the Aegean, using alloys of copper and tin or arsenic, around 1700 BC. Bronze Age swords were typically not longer than 80 cm; weapons significantly shorter than 60 cm are variously categorized as short swords or daggers.

Bronze sword – Ancient Tools and Craft

Sword: This was cast in the natural sand. It’s difficult to see, but the texture is much less gritty than the knife but smoother than the dagger that was cast in stone. It just needs to have the sprue and vent removed and a bit of the flashing taken off before punching the holes for the rivets.

Bronze Age Swords

The origins of these first swords lie shrouded in the prehistory of humankind, back in an age when the first metals were being cast and forged by men. The ancient swords of bronze in all their many forms open a unique window on the past, bringing together the finest craftsmanship and technological brilliance – a true art form in its own right.

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Jul 3, 2014 - Shows swords crafted from early to late bronze age. Bronze swords and armor are characteristic of the era

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Jul 04, 2020· British Bronze Torc and Sword, 1400-1100 BC, The British Museum . During the Bronze Age, there were a number of new technologies that were developed to assist with a variety of tasks. Unlike stone or copper, bronze was far more durable and easier to shape or work with so it could be used to make all manner of objects.

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May 09, 2016· Casting a Bronze-age Sword. Posted on May 9, 2016 by Dergullen May 9, 2016. This is what we did at the weekend! It was hard work but immensely satisfying. We traveled to the Bronze-Age Foundry in Wales, run by the amazingly talented David Chapman, sculptor, artists and bronze worker.

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My first sword is the bronze Mycenaean one by Del Tin (Italy). It is dated to about 900 BC (rather later than the Dendra armor, that is) and is known specifically as the Naue type II.This repro started at 3 pounds, 11 ounces, which is WAY too heavy.

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Bronze Sword Casting. Legionary. Aluminum Bronze Casting: I made bronze weapon in the past and now I decided to make something even better. This time it'll be aluminum bronze sword. This decorative sword is really hard and could be useful during bronze age :)

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Oct 30, 2008· Interests: Bronze age, iron age, early medieval. Posted October 15, 2008 I have some experience working with bronze, and it work hardens quite a bit. in fact, it can get borderline brittle. so scratches would be an issue.

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Sickle-Sword (copper) with volute, Susa (Elam) (19th c) 21-18thc TL 57cm. Khopesh BRONZE from the tomb of Tutankhamun, Egypt (14thC) 16th -11th C, TL 60cm. Rørby ship-sword BRONZE (Denmark) 17thC 17th-16 C TL 60.7cm. South Caucasia Rapier BRONZE (Georgia) 21st- 19th C Blade length 111cm, Reconstruction TL 116 cm

Bronze Age Craft (Bronze Sword Casting)

Bronze Sword Casting. The swords from the Bronze Age represent some of the finest work of the bronze smiths 3000 years ago, and in books, archaeologists encompass it with a few simple words ‘they made moulds of clay and cast swords’.

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Molten Bronze has been hosting bronze casting workshops for 20+ years. Cast and finish your own Bronze Age sword or artefact with Molten Bronze.

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Dec 05, 2014· Casting a Ewart park sword in sand