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JUMBORAX is an engineering components manufacturing company of finished steel castings and welded parts for mining machinery, cement machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, hydraulic machinery and other segments.

JUMBORAX is an OEM/ODM service & manufacture plan solution provider, all the products we displayed are samples just helping us to show our production capabilities. All the designs belong to our customers that we can not sell the products to others. If you wish to make your products, please Contact Our Customer Service with your ideas or drawings for further cooperation. Thank you very much.

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how it was affected when the ladle is submersed and when the sprues are returned to the pot. By the way, when submersed in the full 22 lb pot, a cold (room temperature) RCBS ladle dropped the alloy temperature 25 degrees, and it was simple to determine when the temperature recovered prior to beginning the casting sequence.

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Oct 13, 2020· Open buy's: Discussion over, here is where the business is conducted. Gunloads and Cast Boolits (The Board) specifically, deny responsibility at any level for the successful completion of a group buy. Nor shall the board be held responsible to any subscriber of any group buy, for remuneration or relief in any form.

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Casting Furnaces..... I use a bottom pour furnace for my wheelweight bullets.A LEE 10 pounder to be exact.A couple of my buddies have the Lyman and RCBS furnaces and they are constantly making fun of my LEE pot. Also,to be totally honest, my LEE pot does have a couple of issues. The number one issue is that the nozzle has a tendency to drip at ...

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Dec 25, 2019· For big bullets it's hard to beat ladle casting....however if you're going to head into shooting auto pistol bullets a bottom pour is where it's at. I've got 8 cavity aluminum molds and 6 cavity brass molds for handgun bullets. Really hard to beat the production from them. If fireside44 thinks a 6 cavity Lee is heavy he must hate 4 cavity iron ...

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Powder coating lead bullets – dry tumble (DT) method . This is the method I now use to powder-coat (PC) pistol and rifle cast bullets. I use this method, because it worked so well from the very first try.

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Lyman Casting Dipper, Multicolor, One Size. 4.7 out of 5 stars 276. $26.99 $ 26. 99 ($3.37/oz) Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 23. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Lee Preciesion 90948 Lee Precision, Pro 4 20 Lb Furnace, 220V. 4.4 out of 5 stars 89. Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 23. 12.5 lbs Clean Lead Ingots.

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Dec 21, 2010· Started reloading and casting handgun bullets back in 1964. Have never cast bullets for a rifle nor worked with the 32-40 WInchester cartridge. Bought a Stevens 44 in 32-40. This rifle is the early 44 model not the 44 1/2 action, so my loading for it will have to remain at the pressure levels of the old black powder loads. Have been using IMR 4227 powder and the old Lyman cast bullet 319427.

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We get a lot of questions from customers asking about which alloy to use, and because velocity, calibers, and distances are so various, there are just too many specifics that can affect your casting for us to answer you effectively. So, we always recommend that you do your own research. It's always best to be able to ask experienced people who can answer your specific questions ...


SNS Casting; Our Newsletter Your First Name: Your Email Address: Attention All Customers! We are trying our best to get all orders shipped within 24 hours of the order being placed. As you know, all manufacturers in the shooting industry are overwhelmed with orders at this time. We are obviously out of stock on many products, but I will be ...

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800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U.S.: 1-731-885-0700 Information Line: 1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. MON-FRI 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST

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Sep 09, 2019· Ladle casting is the only kind I do anymore -- the bottom pour went away long ago. I've got a big propane outdoor cooking burner, and a big cast iron cooking pot that I set on top in which to melt the lead.

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Mar 11, 2020· Howdy gents, I have been ladle casting for quite a few years now and am very happy with it. I generally cast with 2 cavity molds. I typically only cast rifle bullets or pistol bullets for small game rifle loads in 30 cal. In anything above 22 cal, I generally stay away from 4 cavity molds. I have a 4 cavity NOE 3118 clone that pours ~115 bullets.

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Compared to dipping with a ladle, the bottom pour melters looked like a much easier job, and I prefer the easy jobs. This post by Shadowcaster on was the basis. It turned out for the price of a new 20-pound Lee pot, I was able to buy enough material to …

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Feb 03, 2019· Forums › Big Bores & Arrow Shooters › Casting big bore bullets Views : 677 Likes : 0 Likes : 0 | Subscribe November 22, 2018 at 8:14 am Link badammoParticipant Member With so many shooting the big bores and ammo being pretty expensive. I would like to suggest to those interested in bullet casting to …

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Jun 04, 2016· Gary, I do not do a lot of fluxing while casting. The ingots are clean so I just add more and keep going. I have tried sawdust and it does reduce the dross, and pine sawdust smells nice. You do not need to flux unless you are ladle casting. Your idea using WD-40 is good, I used to use it on my LEE pot which was plain steel and rusted.

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Jan 17, 2009· Randy, Considering that the Lyman 4500 lube sizer alone sells for about $120, that's a good price. But, a bottom pour lead pot like the Lee for less than $60 is the way to go, and eliminates the need for the dipper/ladle.

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The Bullet Seater Plug that comes with the die set is as close to generic as we can make it. If you find that the bullet seater plug deforms the nose of the bullet you are trying to seat, we can make a custom bullet seater plug to fit your bullet.

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New molds require a break in period, and are most likely to be damaged during first use. Wash the mold cavity, dry, and lubricate the cavity and the underside of the sprue plate with candle smoke. As you cast, increase your casting speed to increase temperature and bullet quality. Apply more smoke, as …

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Mar 02, 2018· I was casting with a new to me mold (RCBS 200 gr. SWC, .452") and found an old 225 gr 45 cal Lyman mold, single cavity in my mold box. I cleaned it up and cast about 80 bullets and remembered why I don't use single cavity molds anymore. Good bullets, just too slooooow...

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May 27, 2016· Casting pot Mold Ingot mold Sizing die w/lube Casting ladle Heavy gloves I'm still looking around for lead. I've found one place for $1.75/lb shipped. Is that a decent price? If a pound has 7,000 grains, and I'm casting 158 grain bullets, is it realistic to get 40 bullets per pound? Anything you guys have to add?

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Feb 14, 2020· Coleman camp stove and 8" high side frying pan and a gravy ladle. Check local gun clubs for sale boards. depending on where you are South Shore Tactical has a large selection of used bullet molds at great prices. Some are hard to find out of production Lyman, RCBS,Ideal ect. Bill is great to deal with. Casting is much like reloading.

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The lyman ladle is not really big enough to cast .44's and .45's in 6 cavity molds, altho it will suffice for .38's and 9mm molds. VERY helpful site, on handloading and casting bullets. (survival forum at permies)

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Nov 16, 2010· Bullet casting (for the casual reloader using the simplest of tools) is a slow, tedious, smelly and hot experience, not to mention the health effects you can be exposing yourself too. I shot cast bullets for years for black powder silhouette competition and have cast untold thousands of them.

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Apr 22, 2018· Any of those ladle pots are fine, use the one that makes you and your wallet happy. As far as bottom pours: The Lee set up, which runs fine for 60 bucks, or the Lyman or RCBS for 300 bucks, which actually run the same and will also leak because it is the nature of bottom pour and not perfectly clean lead.They aren't made for melting down wheel ...

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May 11, 2007· I have an old cast iron lead casting pot and a bent spoon ladle that was my grandfathers who was born in 1880. I used it to cast lead fishing weights 30 yrs ago on an old Colman stove. The pot must be at least 70-80 years old.

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Apr 11, 2009· In order to produce a pile such as the one pictured, you would need: * A pot (I suggest a Lee 20 pounder if you want low cost, and I prefer ladle casting--up to you); * a suitable alloy, but you already have that part covered; * a Lee 90346 two-holer mold; * a casting ladle, if ladle-casting--don't scrimp here, get the RCBS or the Lyman; * a ...

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Nov 21, 2009· Learn from CBA members that have been casting their entire life. Have a question? Look for your answers in our Forum and in our bi-monthly publication the Fouling Shot. The CBA is a international organization of shooters who enjoy casting and shooting lead alloy bullets for competition, hunting, experimenting, and casual shooting. 1.281.935.7610

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The Lead Dipper is one of those products that makes bullet casting so much easier. This ladle is the perfect size for casing bullets. The ladle holds enough lead that the molten metal stays hot enough molds will produce great bullets and the caster will...

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Casting a little hotter than normal helps to keep the blocks and pin up to temperature. I normally cast at about 650-700 ° F , and turn the pot up to about 750 ° F or so for HP's. HP moulds are commonly single cavity moulds, so there’s only one “bullet’s worth” of hot metal going into the block with each cast.